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Hacienda Cadenas

An Oasis for Beauty, History, Privacy & Privilege ... Make it your Own.

About Us

Hacienda Cadenas lies at the center of a unique area defined by its proximity to our mightiest river.  As a part of its flood plain, construction is restricted within the area, creating a sea of green, full of life and nature, steps from the city center of Carolina.


If our location defines what we can be, our story tells of how we got here.  These lands, long ago planted with sugar cane to satisfy the Buena Vista mill within it, and later as pasture to the milk farm which took over the ruins, somehow became in the mid-eighties the first Polo Club in Puerto Rico.  The sport of royalty might not be for everyone, but the thrill of battling for the ball at full gallop, is a unique experience and testament to the integration of man and beast, both playing with passion for the love of the game.

In 1988, my father purchased a 25-acre plot of land within this area, adjacent to a creek and ideal for a full-size Polo field.  It became our family project.  Although everything is rustic, it is well made and thought out.  We like to leave it for the next generations.  Although we still maintain a reduced polo field and keep all the equipment, our last match was sadly in 2006.  We truly hope we can ride again soon and are proud to share our heritage with all who visit.

Come and experience the Beauty, History and Breezes of Hacienda Cadenas in an Oasis of Privacy & Privilege, that you can make your own.

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At Your Service

Currently and subject to availability, we are offering for rental the exclusive use of Hacienda Cadenas facilities, for weddings, celebrations, corporate events, birthdays and just about anything.  Its all about how to use the space, to create the mood and ambiance for unforgettable moments.  We are more than a venue; our family name is our pride and commitment.  We would love to explore all the possibilities and ideas.

Fun Gazebo

Rice & beans for a thousand people or take it easy in the shade.

The cooking facilities are the remnants of feeding over a thousand persons in one of our mega events.  Today the cauldrons can still be used, but the favorite is the ‘Pig Roasting Oven’, a cherished tradition in our family.  Our 24’ x 30’ Gazebo with the shaded side areas, can easily handle 65 persons.  The extensive lawn area in front is ideal for fun sports, special exhibitions, tents or any other use imagined.  Our sea breezes make the Fun Gazebo a favorite place to relax and enjoy.


Living Chappel

Four royal palms frame the family sanctuary.

We welcome all faiths and customs, based on love and respect, within our family sanctuary.  It has blessed many a wedding and christening.  Four royal palms create a living cathedral that shelters the faithful under its fronds.  A beautiful trellis entryway connects the main House, restricted under normal use, to the chapel area, as to facilitate the procession of wedding parties and for the bride to arrive unnoticed.

Caty's Garden

A hand made tribute to the joy of playing together.

To create a truly magical place, it must come from the heart.  To make it unique, it must be designed and built by hand, for the play time of both young and all, capable of virtually disappearing when not in use.  For extraordinary children’s birthday parties, families together time and events where children are attending, Caty’s Garden is a true gem.


Natures Bounty

To Harvest you must Plant and Nurture.

Agriculture is in our blood.  It was only natural that Hacienda Cadenas benefit from the generations that have planted their seeds in its soil.  Time is needed for the fruit trees to mature and reach their potential.  By their numbers, certain trees flourished and were treasured to this day.  They include Guava, Mango, Quenepa, Parcha and a lone Mamey.  Cacao grows well, and a new generation has championed its potential.

We must respect the soil and our habitat, creating the balance between wildlife, sustainability and our goals for the place we cherish.   

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Grand Salon

Our original stables now welcome your guests to share openly.

In the beginning, we started with two steel containers and a rustic building within them.  It contained all the saddles and polo equipment.  In the back, a small room and a full bathroom.  Eight stables were built under an elevated roof, so that the horse and rider could pass under.  Today the restrooms still serve the same purpose but have been ‘glammed’ and airconditioned.  Our 40’ x 60’ Grand Salon handles up to 200 persons within it and can double capacity with a tent annexed to it.

“As a family, we share our special place and the joy it always brings.  We hope the moments and memories created will last a life time.  Thank you for sharing yours.   See you soon.”

Connie & Gabriel Cadenas

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